Xiaomi are at it again with a new Bluetooth speaker sporting a stylish new cylinderical design, improved audio specs and an incredibly elegant control system.
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Xiaomi Speaker Technical Specifications
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1
Transmission Distance: ~10m
Speaker Impedance: 4 ohm
Power Output: 5W
Battery: 1200mAh
Playback Time: 7 hours
Weight: 260g
Dimensions: 60x60x93mm
Colors: Black/White
What’s In The Box?

Xiaomi have kept up their tradition of keeping inclusions to a minimum and their new speaker is no different.
Inside the box, you’ll get the Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker, a rubber band to keep the controls from spinning and a Chinese instruction manual. I’m disappointed that Xiaomi didn’t include a micro USB cable for charging as it feels like an inclusion that really should be in the box.
Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker Review: Design
Xiaomi’s latest Bluetooth speaker sports a brand new cylindrical design. It’s a sleek, matte-finished tube with the speaker located on the top of the unit.
Both black and white versions are available, but I’ve opted for the black variant.

The front of the unit sports a small dual-color power LED whilst the rear has a micro USB port for charging.

The top of the unit is actually the controls. It’s one of the most minimalist yet elegant control systems I’ve seen in a long time.

Pressing and holding down the top will turn the speaker on or pause the current track if you’re already listening to music. Turning the top section controls the volumes.
The entire unit feels incredibly well made, as is par for the course for Xiaomi speakers.
Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker Review: Using It
Powering up the speaker is done by holding down the top of the unit for a few seconds. The device automatically jumps into pairing mode.
Pairing is a matter of selecting the speaker in your phone’s Bluetooth menu. The speaker’s name is all in Chinese but it should be easy enough to figure out which one it is.
When it pairs up, there’s a spoken confirmation (in Chinese) and you’ll be ready to go.

Music playback is essentially controlled entirely by your smartphone. You can pause/play the track by pressing the top of the speaker.
The speaker’s volume is tied to your smartphone rather than being independent like some of the speakers I’ve tested recently. Thus, turning the control of the speaker will adjust the volume on your smartphone too.

Battery life was good, with 3-4 hours of playback leaving me with 50% battery remaining so I feel comfortable with Xiaomi’s estimate of 7 hours.
Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker Review: Audio Quality
Xiaomi’s Bluetooth speakers are rarely a slouch in audio quality and their latest is no different.
The Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker offers excellent low and mid performance. Bass is impressive too though it does tend to dominate when you hit maximum volume.

Volume is pretty impressive from such a compact speaker. It’s plenty for a small or medium room but it won’t compete with a proper stereo system. I didn’t experience any distortion at all during testing either.

Xiaomi’s latest Bluetooth speaker is another winner. It brings their usual excellent build and sound quality with stylish design.
The lack of aux in may be disappointing for some but the design, quality and unique control method more than make up for it. Thoroughly recommended.
Getting One
The Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker is available from Everbuying for under $30. Use coupon EXMSP to get it for $27.59.
See More Details at Everbuying
Alternatively, it’s available from Banggood.
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